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We are metal finishing specialist and are capable of processing a variety of metals and advanced materials. Please see our materials page for a more comprehensive list of materials that we can finish. Tri-Process is considered an industry leader in the shot peening and magnetic particle inspection processes and with over 50 years of experience, we have perfected the shot peening process.

What is Shot Peening:

Shot peening is a metal working process which enhances the surfaces of a variety of different materials.

Various manufacturing processes used throughout the aerospace, aircraft, automotive, energy, and heavy equipment industries can produce tensile stresses on the surface of components. These processes include milling, turning, drilling, welding, severe grinding, heat treating, bending, and forming. The tensile stress left behind on the surface provides a perfect environment for a cracking or stress corrosion to start forming, reducing the life of these components.

Shot Peening Demo

Shot peening is performed by accelerating spherical media toward the surface of a part. When the media hits the part, a small dent is formed, stretching the surface of the part. The material surrounding that dent resists this, and creates an area of compressive stress. When the surface of the part has these small dents all over the surface, there is a continuous layer of compressive stress on the surface of the part. This replaces the tensile stress on the surface with a compressive layer. The compressive layer stops the fatigue cracks and stress corrosion that typically start at the surface of the part.

Shot peening has been used successfully for many years. Although skill trades realized the benefits of this cold working process long ago, modern shot peening has only had widespread use since the 1930's.

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